We are a small breeder in the Houston, TX area. In this case "small" is having one or two litters per year. 2009 will probably be a little more because we unexpectedly kept more females than planned from the last litter.

Besides bringing more bulldogs into the world, we work hard to make their life better though our work with Bulliwear and Bella's Bulldog Rescue. Bulliwear is a complete line of clothing and accessories that are made just for our beloved breed. All of the items endorsed by Bulliwear are tested and approved by our bulldogs as healthy, entertaining, and the clothes actually fit!

Bella's Bulldog Rescus is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving, rehabilitating, and the placement of english bulldogs in need. Currently focused in the Houston, TX area, BBR is planning to expand to areas of the country which are not currently supported by rescue organizations.